Group Classes 

We offer a wide variety of group classes to cater for ability of all levels. We focus on making our group classes engaging, fun and safe. All our classes are limited in size to ensure that you get the personal attention you deserve, giving our trainers the chance to adapt activities to your needs, allowing you to reach your goals.


Everyday Exercise Class

Our Everyday Exercise class has been designed to help you function in everyday life. We use a combination of resistance and aerobic exercises to help build strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.


T2DM Group Class

This is a class for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes. The class is a mixture of resistance and aerobic exercises to build muscle strength and improve aerobic endurance. The classes also provide support and education on Diabetes and the benefits exercise can play in managing your condition.


Bones & Balance Classes

A group class aiming to help you improve your bone health and balance through a combination of strength and body awareness training. Balance is especially important in older age, where it translates to falls prevention. We want you to grow in confidence with your movement, giving you the strength and balance to navigate the world how you want.